Seattle, worst drivers in the world

I have been told that drivers elsewhere in the US are better. I don’t know. But Seattle drivers are a blend between stupid, slow, distracted, ignorant, and fast. All at the wrong time. This morning the driver in front of me was either writing a check, editing a manuscript, juggling… hard to tell as she piloted her car through traffic, weaving all the way.

And of course later we had one of my favorites: signaling after the fact. Um yes, now that you are stopped in the left turn lane waiting for the light, good time for the signal. You wouldn’t have wanted to click that on before making the move left to, hm, alert people you were turning left. I know some Euro drivers think the only proper signal is a horn, but if you are going to use a signal it only works before the action.

I miss France. Crazy drivers, sure. But survival means unaware drivers aren’t driving anymore.

#drivers, #seattle, #theworst