What is Biphasic Sleep? | Mark’s Daily Apple

What is Biphasic Sleep? | Mark’s Daily Apple

Lunch in Reykjavik

Last diet-cheat day for February

A lot has been going on in the past week or so which accounts for the lack of posts. We moved from Europe back to Seattle. Wow, what a change that is. I will need to write something about the changes, the differences. But for now…

Diet cheat day! I started with a slice of cold pizza. Very good. The local delivery chain, Pagliacci Pizza is awesome, I miss pizza a lot on this diet. I suspect I could make it more 4 Hour Body or Primal if I ordered the pizza and just ate the toppings.

Next I moved on to toast. Lately toast hasn’t tasted very good but this morning I had dark rye bread slathered with butter and damn, that was tasty.

Hotel Room with a View

We stayed at Hotel “Room with a View” on our tour of Reykjavik. Clean, tidy,a and worked well for our family. The room has a view of the mountains across the sound. The staff was friendly (everyone in Iceland is it seems) and helpful in booking tours. It wasn’t very expensive either so it felt like a real deal after spending so long in Paris.Highly recommended spot. It has a hot tub on the roof. We didn’t get to use this but in summer this must be glorious.

Diet cheat day. Beer. Had a pain au chocolat for breakfast. I had a kebab and fries (and a Coke!!) for lunch. I am stuffed. I had two beers earlier today And dinner yet to come.

Lunch in Iceland. They do langoustines here in a big way. Dinner the other night was a plate full.

41 squats, 30 pushups

I expected worse than this since the last time I really tackled squats and pushups was February 8. Not too shabby then to get a little progress since. Of course I suspect I’d get more progress if I did these more regularly.

We went horseback riding for two hours this morning across an Icelandic lava plain. Kind of fun, not sure I will get into horseback riding in the future. The whole time I was riding or trotting or “tölting” as the peculiar speed-walk gait of these ponies is  called I thought I’d much rather be on my mountain bike. Faster and more fun. The exception to that is a) the ponies did better with 10cm mud pits and also much better cross the river.