La Griottine

Lovely lunch spot!

First the complaint: it is a cold winter here and this restaurant definitely was drafty. They were doing their best with a door cover and a space heater but it still leaked cold air.

That said, this was a very successful lunch. The ambiance was very nice, the server was quick and friendly, nothing rushed but he didn’t leave us languishing either which was amazing as he handled every table in the house.

I had the foie gras mi-cuit for entree which was nice. Nothing special which is to say very good but you can get this all over Paris. But they had fresh-baked rolls which were still warm. That was lovely.

For my main course I had steak tartare. I prefer this slightly grilled and they nailed this. Well-spiced, just a little crispy on the outside, still cool and raw in the middle. Often for an American you will get a hamburger back if you order it aller/retour. I am avoiding potatoes this month but the side of smashed potatoes required a small sampling and they were fantastic (and mostly butter anyway) and had  slight crust as if they had been pan-seared after the smashing.

You can find this on Yelp.


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