Rabbit rillette at Waknine


I really enjoyed the food and service at Waknine. The atmosphere might normally be very congenial but today our table was impacted by two people having a very loud, almost aggressive conversation next to us. The next time people complain about loud Americans I will respond about very loud French businessmen. Wow.

But let’s talk about Waknine and assume the tables aren’t always like this…. we were seated on this rainy day promptly and ordered drinks. I had a glass of the red wine of the month and it was surprisingly nice. Often I think the wine of the month is what’s left over from last month but at Waknine it was really perfect for lunch. I was remiss in not writing it down though.

For entrees I had the house-made rabbit rillette (more or less pate). And it was good, very good. Often rabbit terrine has an odd flavor, my wife calls it cat food. But this had a nice texture well mixed with spices and my wife liked it and thought maybe it had a hint of ginger. This plate came with a small salad of field greens.

For the main course I had lamb and my wife had the scallops. Both plates were pretty to look at, well-designed but without being too fussy. The lamb was nicely cooked rose. The lamb was served with fried carrots which I loved, a welcome change from normal potatoes.

For lunch for two it was a little spendy (92 euro for 2 entree, 2 plats, 3 glasses of wine, 2 coffees) but I would definitely go back.

I cross-posted this review to Yelp as well.

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