Au fil des Saisons

Lovely lunch yesterday celebrating another orbit around the sun. Perfect little bistro just a touch north of the Marais. The waiter/proprietor was great; friendly and knowledgable and welcoming. We started with an aperitif, a very dry Sancerre. Next up was a dish of leeks in vinaigrette with a perfectly poached egg. I love eggs on food and since moving to Europe the whole family loves leeks, a food we never ate in the US.


For the main course we had an aged filet. Tender and very flavorful. The little cocotte had radish or onion or cabbage slightly pickled. Delightful. And I stuck to the slow carb diet and skipped the potatoes. But it wasn’t easy. I did break down and have a moelleux chocolat, chocolate cake with a molten center along with a glass of champagne. Super place, will definitely go back.