Socca… is chickpea flour okay?

Socca… is chickpea flour okay?

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La Griottine

Lovely lunch spot!

First the complaint: it is a cold winter here and this restaurant definitely was drafty. They were doing their best with a door cover and a space heater but it still leaked cold air.

That said, this was a very successful lunch. The ambiance was very nice, the server was quick and friendly, nothing rushed but he didn’t leave us languishing either which was amazing as he handled every table in the house.

I had the foie gras mi-cuit for entree which was nice. Nothing special which is to say very good but you can get this all over Paris. But they had fresh-baked rolls which were still warm. That was lovely.

For my main course I had steak tartare. I prefer this slightly grilled and they nailed this. Well-spiced, just a little crispy on the outside, still cool and raw in the middle. Often for an American you will get a hamburger back if you order it aller/retour. I am avoiding potatoes this month but the side of smashed potatoes required a small sampling and they were fantastic (and mostly butter anyway) and had  slight crust as if they had been pan-seared after the smashing.

You can find this on Yelp.


La Griottine is a lovely restaurant near our apartment. We had a lovely lunch today and almost entirely approved on the 4 Hour Body Diet. The first photo is a view of the restaurant when we arrived. The tables all filled later. 

The second photo is my entree, foie gras mi-cuit. This is part of the almost as they had fresh-baked rolls alongside the foie gras. And I ate half of one of those, carbs be damned! But I didn’t eat the whole thing nor did I go for the second one.

I then ordered the steak tartare “aller-retour” (I may have the spelling wrong there but basically you order “go and come back” which means they very lightly sear the outside) which was perfect. Well-seasoned, tasty, this was the best I have had in France. This came with a side plate of fresh greens and, uh oh, smashed potatoes. I ate all the greens. But I had to try the potatoes. They looked like they were boiled, then fried maybe since they had a little crust to them. And it wasn’t completely a slow carb fail since these were more butter than potato. I ate two bites of potatoes and clearly was flexing my willpower muscle to do so.

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Recipe Book: Egg Foo Yung | Finding My Fitness

Recipe Book: Egg Foo Yung | Finding My Fitness

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Slow Carb Lettuce Wrap | My Four Hour Body

Slow Carb Lettuce Wrap | My Four Hour Body

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Wrapping up Dietcheat Day and looking to February

I didn’t manage to cram all the food I wanted in yesterday. I ate some lovely pain au chocolat. I had a galette. But I missed the kebab and French fries. Next week I guess.

Tomorrow is the end of the month which means I need to add a new habit or resolution for February. As noted in my January 1st post rather than outlining an ambitious single goal for the new year (and then failing) I am tackling one new habit each month in an attempt to slowly and steadily make progress to my overall goal of being healthier, wealthier, and wiser. Or just to enjoy more out of life each day.

I have been decent at following Tim Ferriss’ slow-carb diet as laid out in “The Four Hour Body”. Certainly there have been mistakes and days when I skipped. But I was focusing mostly on potato consumption which is the hardest part for me and I did well there. At times eating out I ate food I would never order e.g. fish in order to avoid the side dish of potatoes. I will weigh in tomorrow and also take a few minutes to take key measurements so I can compare waist, arms, etc and not just weight next month.

For February consideration:
1. Continue with the slow-carb diet. Some references on Ferriss’ blog indicate the key weight loss occurs during weeks 4-6. I’d hate to stop too early.
2. Switch diets to a Paleo diet or even take more steps to a Paleo lifestyle. “Mark’s Daily Apple” has some nice strategies and workout regimes I could incorporate into my lifestyle.
3. Is it time to sign up for an event, eg a marathon? This is a difficult month as we are moving internationally at the end of the month but maybe having a goal would help. To be honest I am running every other day and doing some workouts on the Kinect (love it!) but could be a little more rigorous.
4. One of these monthly resolutions needs to add daily language lessons. I have a decent base of French right now, I’d hate to lose that. I also need to get a guitar-playing habit in here but that might wait until later and I will just pluck the thing and sing a bit for now.
5. Sleep. I don’t have any major travel planned this month and fixing my sleep cycle is critical.

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Gallete complète

Galette complète and cider. Perfect second breakfast on a cold day.

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