Somedays living in Paris feels like travel

Today and in fact this weekend is a stay at home weekend. We have lots
of travel coming up so this weekend is about hunkering down. We are
doing some decidedly non exotic things like buying new light
switches. But we are off shortly for the market on Avenue President
Wilson. Which is foodie heaven. And delightful. And has the best
galette in Paris.

The older couple who makes the galette are treasures. Super friendly.
The guy is an artist, he can make galette and crepes and never bat an
eye. I get the “complete” every time. Ham, cheese, and an egg.
Wonderful. Susan changes and gets goat cheese or ratatouille. But on a
cold day it just doesn’t matter, it’s all good.
We’re lucky enough to have our friend Tom with us for some touring today, yeah!

#paris, #slowday