Do epic shit

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight. And I see the guy
across the way with his laptop. He has stickers on it. One of the
stickers says “do epic shit”

Okay, fine, I get it. Work on big problems, solve hard issues, don’t
settle for mediocre work. Seriously, I get it.

But epic? Epic is sailing from Norway to Iceland in a 40 foot rowboat
when you don’t know Iceland exists. Epic is walking on the moon. Epic
climbing Mt Everest, the first time. Epic is crossing the Rubicon.
Epic is circumnavigating the globe in a ship most of us would be
afraid to use to cross the Lake Washington.

Software is wonderful. It can be hard. It can solve problems and help
humanity. But unless you’re in Tron there isn’t the degree of danger
involved to make it epic.

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