BA Lounge at LHR gets it mostly right

One of the best ways to adjust, reset, get back into the land of the living after a long trans-Atlantic flight is to take a shower. And the BA lounge at Heathrow has lovely facilities. They will provide a razor, comb, and spritzer (although why I want spritzer after a shower is something I don’t get) as well as a towel. But most importantly they provide steaming hot water to just get the wear and grime of travel off.From there it’s into the lounge proper for a burger, some cranberry juice, and catch up on the world. The only odd hiccup is the wifi is sporadic, glitchy at times. Oh well.I have been in Concorde Room twice now on upgrades. That is even shishi-er, very fancy. Apparently you can get your own cabana. But even the main lounge is nice. Sometimes you can buy a day pass, worth it I think if you just stumbled in off a long flight.

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