Travel day, passing the first security check

Not bad, not bad. Since I am a frequent flyer they let me into the fasttrack line which is always nice. What isn’t so nice… when you are entitled to fasttrack but for some reason you aren’t allowed to. I never know why that happens, what the difference is. And since my French is rudimentary I certainly cannot argue the point very well.

Any vignettes from the first security check of the day? Well I did get stranded behind the older couple. Who were wearing five or six layers of clothing and appeared to be surprised when they were asked to remove their coats. At this point the line came to a grinding halt as these people would remove a coat, ask if they needed it on the belt, then acted surprised. I want to have enough money when I get that old so one of my kids can fly with me and assist with whatever is going on then.

And then there was the woman with her two kids who decided to bring yogurt, fruit juices, etc. through. Sure, I understand there is no real danger from yogurt and fruit juice. But c’mon, this liquid restriction isn’t new. And it’s not like it was a single bottle a kid forgot, or a yogurt snack. She had boxes of the stuff.

We’ll see how it goes at LHR today. I can’t recall a time when someone didn’t really struggle there. It’s usually jewelry which is the problem but I have also seen a variety of sharp things, “oh you mean this knife cannot go through security…” as well as the usual junk like a water bottle tucked into a pocket and forgotten, etc.

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