Bois de Boulogne

In the interest of bringing the world tidbits about Paris that aren’t in guidebooks… Paris is a decent city for running. No trails really and certainly no hills to be found. But running along the Seine is nice. I hear the park over in Vincennes is nice too. But my normal running spot is the Bois de Boulogne on the western edge of the city. It has trees and grass and dirt. Okay it also has some scary hookers along certain streets but you learn to avoid those.This morning I was running and decided to take off the Fivefingers and scamper through the grass, get some real barefooting. As I hit a certain patch of grass fire lanced up my legs and I realized there were nettles growing in the grass. The trouble of course is now I had no idea which way to step to avoid more of them. I finally wound up just hopping as quickly as I could to the pathway. The resulting rash is unpleasant especially as my arches and toes are covered. The good news: the soles of my feet are now so toughened they aren’t injured at all. I can only wonder what the locals who saw me were thinking as I ran barefoot with my shoes on my hands ands into a field of nettles and then suddenly shrieking and cursing.

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