Not a fan of Suunto watches anymore

I bought a Suunto T4C watch a little over a year ago. I use it heavily. After getting used to some of the baffling UI functions I enjoyed the relatively accurate(compared to Timex and Polar) heart rate information I got.And then the heart rate strap (sorry, the “comfort band”) broke. It was a pretty poor design to start with, a couple of crappy little plastic clips which had to get pressed twice per workout. Contrast this to the robust “hook” design for the Timex.Fine… I will just order a new comfort band. But here is the catch: a new comfort band is $65!!! Wow, they design it badly and then overcharge for a replacement. I don’t often call people for warranty items as I do tend to use gear heavily but c’mon, $300 for the watch and it breaks in a year.So I call… and get someone on the phone which was nice. I explained the situation and she routed me to a web form. I explained that I am outside the US; can they ship abroad? No. Can they expedite this so that I can get it the next time I am in the US? No. But they will be happy for me to ship the comfort strap to them and do what they can. So I explain that really this is tough, why not ship the comfort band and I will send mine in when I am there. “We can’t just go and give out free product” she replies. Huh? That $300 and the hassle of sending the damned thing in because of their bad design choices wasn’t free, it’s a pain.So she offered to transfer me to Finland. Which sort of makes sense since Finland is in Europe. But I decline because a) I am fed up and will just go buy a Timex and never deal with Suunto again and b) getting transferred to Finland sounds sort of ominous, something they do to hardened criminals. But I digress.Bottom line: I had a Kindle that broke once. I called Amazon and they sent a new one and then got the old one when I could drop it off; the didn’t once tell me “we can’t just send out product”. I bought three extender batteries from Monoprice; two didn’t work but they send replacements and I sent the broken ones back; I don’t even know who Monoprice is or where they operate from but they too trusted me since I had already given them some money. My son’s iPod was damaged, Apple just handed him a new one and apologized. And you know what… I buy products from Amazon, Monoprice, and Apple as a result.

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