Yahoo’s NFL Gamepass is less than pleasing

Update: I’m still unhappy with Yahoo, but at least their customer service department responded fairly quickly and refunded my money. Kudos to them for fixing this problem eventually.

No other way to put it. $20 for a single game. Fine, I am desperate. We got take-away food, ready to watch the game.

Result: we’re sorry, the event hasn’t started yet. Over and over and over. No Seahawks game. No any game. Unbelievable these guys can charge money for this. If only I knew a lawyer, someone who would think wow, I bet there are thousands of other people out there who just got screwed. Sounds like a class action suit to me.

I’ll post updates as I can. Their site says “no refunds” so I guess I can start the long Visa-rejection-because-these-guys-are-frauds process. I love doing that. Bottom line: they say you can watch the NFL, they charge you for it, and then you cannot watch. Nice business model fellas.



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