Spoke too soon

Just minutes ago I posted that according to Grooveshark I have no friends. In addition to using Grooveshark I have also been using Zune’s social features over the past few days. And who knew, there are apparently other people like me out there! Or at least that’s how I am interpreting “listeners like you”. I guess it could be interpreted that other listeners like me, sort of in a personal but at a distance way. But I think not, I think this means there are some other musically-challenged people out there.

The Results

Oddly enough I cannot copy and paste the tracks Zune is recommending for me. So… the first track “One more sad song The American Rejects” was good, solid. The next track is by Christina Aguilera. I admit a reluctance to try this, but I am listening to it and it’s pretty much what I expected, pop for someone for sure, but not me.

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