Bricin has no friends

I am trying out a new online music streaming service, Grooveshark. It has some good press around it’s recommendation engine. Fair enough, I will check it out. Pleasant UI if a little web 2.0-heavy. Needs a Java app on the PC to check out your current music and share it with others (can you hear the clock ticking on the lawsuit countdown?).

Then I switched to the social page and see this.



Maybe I am a little touchy after spending 5 days in a hotel room in Zurich waiting for a French visa. Maybe I need to get out a little. But still, that seems sort of harsh. How about “Bricin hasn’t found the right buddies yet, but we have full faith that he will”.

Of course given my taste in music perhaps it’s not so inevitable. How many people out there have Springsteen & Abba in the top of the artist list, with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” as the most played iPod track.

2 thoughts on “Bricin has no friends

  1. […] minutes ago I posted that according to Grooveshark I have no friends. In addition to using Grooveshark I have also been using Zune’s social features over the past […]

  2. Hey Bricin,First off, thanks for checking us out! It means so much that you were interested, and your thoughts are insanely important to us (complimentary or critical). We didn’t mean to imply anything. 🙂 We’ve gone ahead and made some changes to soften the blow a little bit, based on your suggestions. It’ll be up there sometime soon–in the meantime, maybe we could be Grooveshark friends?Thanks again, Bricin, and if there’s ever anything I can do to help out at all, I’d be more than happy!

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