Born from jets?

This is the slogan of SAAB. I was listening to “This American Life” and it is sponsored by SAAB and their tag-line is “born from jets.” And it hit me. This is perhaps the dumbest slogan I have ever heard. And that is saying something.

First of all with fuel costing what it does, who wants a jet?

Second does anyone really believe that since the founders of the company came from the jet/defense business that somehow that makes it’s way into the cars?

And finally, it’s insulting. This is the slogan only in America it seems. The first image is from the US web site. The second image is the international site. Notice that it’s “move your mind.” Fine, move your mind. Inane since presumably when you drive a SAAB in addition to your mind your body comes too. But at least it’s not “born from jets”.