The Fat Cyclist

Today is a bit different, nothing specifically Zurich-y… I just wanted to add a small plug for The Fat Cyclist. I came across this gentleman through an email alias at work before he left Microsoft. His writing got better and better over the years; early on it was funny, later it was often hysterical. Of course there have been misses along the way too, but that’s okay, definitely the best series of writing about cycling.

Go read this blog, but do it oldest to newest. Don’t start with today’s article. It’s not about cycling. It’s not funny. But go read the early entries. Then the middle entries when his wife is sick but they are pulling through. And then now.

I appreciate the humor and honesty throughout. And every time I read an update it simply puts any of my troubles into perspective. I’m off to walk my kids to school (oldest starts 100% German class today, we are very proud) and I will say a silent “thank you” that my family is healthy, everything else is window-dressing.

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