We drove to Burgenstock* yesterday which is near Luzern. This is a lovely day-trip from Zurich. Burgenstock itself is a glamour resort (apparently). It opens in late March so everything was closed when we got there. I suspect in the real season very wealthy stroll about and enjoy the views which are spectacular. The image below is from the top of the mountain. The structure is an elevator which goes all the way to the lake (you can catch a ferry to and from Luzern).

It’s not a wilderness hike, it’s not quite as rugged as we were looking for. But on a lovely spring day when we had no plans it fit the bill nicely.


Here is the map (surprisingly Live maps found something in Switzerland. That is a first!)


  • How do I get umlauts in Live Writer? Alt+0252 should do the trick but Writer misinterprets this. So does Word of course which has it’s own key combination which I can never remember. In Word you type Ctrl+Shift+:,  then the letter and voila, umlauts. This doesn’t work in Live Writer though.

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