It’s the wind!

I have a theory about the hats. Earlier this week I saw more hats than I’d ever seen before. I speculated. I pondered. But I also observed.

The weather in Zurich has been consistent (chilly and rainy) all week. Monday and Tuesday were hat days. Wednesday and Thursday were not. We were planning on buying a radio so we could listen for the broadcasters telling us which days were which; we hate to be left out.

But then walking home yesterday it occurred to me: no wind. Monday and Tuesday were really windy. Apparently on the coast (not of Switzerland, but up near the English Channel where there is a big bike race going on) the winds were hurricane-strength.

My working theory then is the Swiss are worried about the wind. Now why would that be? Even with the wind chill it wasn’t very cold, maybe dipping slightly below freezing. I have been asking but either no one knows or they aren’t saying, sort of like how no one will admit there are hollowed-out mountains with fighter jets in them.

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