What’s up with hats?

Having spent a winter in Zurich now I can ask “why don’t people wear hats”? It was cold at times, snowing once in a while, certainly hat-worthy weather. But nope, apart from the occasional old man wearing a cap (ears conspicuously left in the cold) no one wore a hat. Well except for me, I like to wear hats, they keep my head warm.

So imagine my surprise when Monday morning, when lo and behold easily half of the people I saw had hats on! And not just hats, frequently they had stocking hats, full-blown Heidi hats (ear flaps, drawstrings, alpine patterns), just hats everywhere. Did I mention it was a fairly mild spring morning with the sun shining and just a bit of wind?

Apparently there are something like 20 different sirens that can go off here. Each one tells the Swiss what threat is imminent and where to go (small note that none of my coworkers could identify the siren that went off a few weeks ago:-) My hunch is that either:

  1. A very quiet klaxon went off in every Swiss home Sunday night alerting the people that tomorrow was wear your hat day.
  2. Everyone listens to the same radio station here and the DJ announced it was freak a foreigner out day, wear a hat. I can only expect another day like this in the coming months called “freak out the American expats by wearing a baseball cap”.

In any event I so far have not been able to figure out why no one wears hats here. Comments?