SAS Advent Calendar Day 5: The End of Childhood

I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth. I really do. On top of the fact that I don’t really like horses to begin with it always seems rude. Just take the damn gift horse and walk or trot or canter or whatever on your merry way and then later re-gift it and call it a gift pony so no one knows.

So I feel bad. SAS unveiled their US replacement for the much-loved advent calendar yesterdaytoday. The new campaign is called Kiss a Scandinavian which does definitely sound better than looking in a horses mouth. It’s a nice special, very nice. Anyone wishing to visit us in Zürich should look into their SEA-ZRH deal, $279 each way is pretty nice. Flying through Copenhagen is always a treat too as they have an Ecco store there. Ecco for those who don’t know are a brand of shoes for men with sort-of wide feet. Super-comfortable.

But I digress… I don’t like the new campaign. I want the advent calendar back. Yes, the new campaign is nice because you get to see all the deals at one time. But I liked having to wait each morning for a new present. I liked seeing each city unfold throughout December. The new campaign is like getting all your Christmas presents on December 4th, unwrapped, and then told to bask in the joy and wonder for the rest of the month. It’s like an old married couple who pick out their own presents and then have to act surprised on Christmas Eve (my family does presents Christmas Eve. Susan’s does them Christmas morning. We do them both so my kids are lucky).

SAS: bring back the advent calendar please. It’s not too late. I know you can do it since I received my Swedish version this morning (Stockholm to Dublin, how cool of a trip would that be!). Others have noticed too.