SAS Advent Calendar Day 3: The Scandal Grows

Others have noticed. In years past each morning we would look forward each morning to learning about a new city. Throughout the day we would talk about whether we wanted to go to the city or whether a given city was close enough to a final desired destination. C’mon SAS, bring back the calendar!

Oh wait… my colleague Steffen* has pointed out that if you are Swedish you can find an advent calendar here. I decided to sign up. Unlike the US advent calendar SAS sends email for the Swedish version. Frankly I like clicking on the web page animation better, but that is a nit. Today the featured deal was Stockholm to Bangkok for 6595. 6595 what I am not 100% certain since the line simply says “6505:-t/r”. Swedish Krona is the favorite in the “which currency are we talking about” sweepstakes.

Krona is an interesting word and one that before Saturday when I looked it up I never would have guessed at. My guess was kroner, which is the Danish currency and sounds fairly close.

To keep the season bright, here is an advent calendar. It’s not nearly as cool as world-travel but it is kind of fun to understand more web scripting, right.

  • I promised a cup of coffee for the first info-provider. But since Steffen provided the link in Swedish only I will pay that out with something Swedish. Do Swedes go in for lutefisk or is that only in Norway?


Steffen sent me which is a really nicely done site for the advent calendar. I cannot understand Norwegian but the site has some humorous elements; try clicking ahead a page. C’mon SAS, do one of these for the US. Or if the dollar is too low these days how about one for Switzerland?

With a little poking around the main SAS site I came across the Danish version. It’s not as rich as the Norwegian version but still very nice; festive, light, informative, ice-skating penguin. It looks like we have a hierarchy of calendars here:

  1. Norway
  2. Denmark
  3. Sweden (no calendar but they get nicely formatted email)
  4. Finland (nothing at all, you’d think they weren’t part of Scandinavia)
  5. Others

3 thoughts on “SAS Advent Calendar Day 3: The Scandal Grows

  1. So the "Kiss a Scandinavian" sale is now up…it doesn’t look half bad. Plus you get to play fun games. It’s not an equal exchange for the advent calendar, but I guess it could be worse.

  2. I totally miss the sas Christmas calendar this year, we have been to Italy from Texas twice because of the great deals. Please bring it back SAS!

  3. […] SAS: bring back the advent calendar please. It’s not too late. I know you can do it since I received my Swedish version this morning (Stockholm to Dublin, how cool of a trip would that be!). Others have noticed too. […]

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