SAS Advent Calendar Day 1: No Advent Calendar?

I got up this morning, fixed an espresso, and hopped online to check the SAS advent calendar. I love the SAS advent calendar. In 2002 it provided the cheap ticket to fly from Seattle to Milan. We drove from Milan to Courmayeur and skied all week.

Last year I blogged about the advent calendar. I even had this interesting note for Day 5.

So imagine my surprise that I cannot find the advent calendar this year. Is it happening? Is SAS redirecting me because my IP address is in Europe now? This bears looking into and soon. It’s an emergency. And if true, a scandal.

They do show some winter special starting December 4th called “Kiss a Scandinavian”. Somehow this just isn’t as cool. If you find a URL with the advent calendar before I do send me email or post a comment. I will reward the first response with a nice coffee or espresso (no small matter in Zürich:-)


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