Day 19: so much done, so few updates

19 days. I had to count that up on the calendar. It’s something like when you first have a kid and he is 2 weeks old, then 6 months and maybe all the way up to 24 months but at some point it becomes 3 1/2 an then after a while you lose the fraction and the kid is 10.

So 19 days…

We took a trip to Grindelwald. It was gorgeous. When you think of Switzerland Grindelwald is probably pretty close to what you think, except Heidi is not walking around in a dirndl. In fact I haven’t seen any “traditional” Swiss costumes. Which shouldn’t be a surprise; I cannot imagine many people travel to the US and expect people to where pioneer homespun or Pilgrim-wear.

Susan and the boys Me having a beer Traditional Swiss fondue, sort of K playing with a tiny goat


Some notes about the photos:

  1. The mountains are pretty. And scary. You can see the north face of the Eiger. I cannot ever, ever imagine saying to myself “I’d sure like to climb that”. I can imagine sitting there and thinking,
  2. We had a picnic lunch in a park. And I drank a beer. In public. And wasn’t arrested. Or cited. Or an outcast. Amazing but true, apparently the Swiss think it’s okay for a grown adult to have a legally purchased beverage in public without ruining the moral fabric of the country.
  3. Fondue with tomato may not sound good, but it was really tasty. I had a lovely rosti mit speck (kind of a potato hashbrown with bacon) which I just love.
  4. We were hiking and suddenly these two tiny baby goats walked out of their pen and said hello. The mama goat was not very pleased with this but since she was in the pen and K was out of the pen he could pet the little thing. Very cute.

These photos are all from Saturday. I will post the spectacular shots from Sunday’s trip to Jungfraujoch soon.

In other news… no luck finding an apartment yet. We applied for two and were second-place on one, never heard back on the other. We applied for another today but there were 100+ people looking at it so we’re in the lottery again.