Day 8: Rigi & other thoughts

Our goal today was to get out of town and see some nature. A colleague mentioned taking the tour to Rigi , a mountain southwest of Zurich. We got something of a late start. We got a package deal at the ticket office at the Hauptbahnhof.


Here is a shot of us on the train.


After hiking around Rigi we took a cable car down to Weggis, then by boat to Lucerne. Lucerne was a pretty town but by the time we got there we were all too tired and hungry to see much of it. We also didn’t know when the train to Zürich was leaving. We headed to the train station and discovered that, uh oh, the last train for hours was leaving in fifteen minutes. We had hungry, whiny kids (and a hungry, whiny dad) so we grabbed some sandwiches and hopped on the train.We stopped by the Migros in the Bahnhof. Grocery stores close at irregular hours here and on Saturday they seem to close early. Thankfully the shops under the train station (Rail City) are open a little later and on Sundays too in a pinch. We grabbed some food and headed for home. It was nice by the way to talk with Mom and Bill & Sharon via Skype. We don’t have the video working yet but voice is nice.Tomorrow we are taking a lazy day. We plan to head to the park for a while. Then we will take a tram south to Wollishoffen, a neighborhood we are interested in perhaps.

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