Day 4: melatonin

I slept really well Days 1 & 2. I didn’t sleep well on Day 3. Last night (sort of the start of Day 4) I slept very well again. There have been several differences in all of those days so I cannot pin this down to any one thing, yet. However one thing of note is that Days 1,2, and 4 I took a single melatonin tablet before bed.I know research is mixed on this stuff. Some people swear by it to overcome jet lag, others see no effect. As someone who is apparently immune to Ambien you’d think it wouldn’t make a difference. And maybe it doesn’t. But I slept really well last night, crashing at around 9:30, waking briefly around 2 as the kids climbed into bed, then waking again at 6. Nice.What’s on deck today:

  1. 2nd day in the office. We have a crunch piece of work to get done. That actually feels nice
  2. Cell phones. We understand that until we get a permanent apartment and my work visa we will only get prepaid SIM cards. Oh well.
  3. Apartments. We are meeting to look at apartments from 4-6. Or rather Susan is while I watch the kids. I could also look at apartments but
    1. I am less picky about certain things like light, flowers, parks, etc.
    2. Susan has a much better idea of what I do care bout, e.g. secure bike parking, proximity to groceries, nearness to pubs, good running /cycling routes.

Other than that it will be a bit more grocery shopping. It seems like we are picking up a single basket of food each day and just slowly starting our collection. You know the drill. For instance we have no rosemary so I cannot make rosemary red potatoes. Okay, so today maybe I get rosemary & potatoes and a small chicken (prices for meat here are sky-high) for a nice roast tonight.We are doing a decent job of eating in although we’ll get better. So far breakfast has always been eaten in. Lunch once, dinner once. Last night we had take-out food which was pretty good. K and I liked our burgers but apparently L doesn’t like spicy tomato-something Indian hot/spicy sauce on his.

One thought on “Day 4: melatonin

  1. Melatonin works well for me. I notice that I sleep more deeply for a longer stretch of time. I also tend to have outrageously long dreams. The best party tho is that it seems mild. I never have any issues waking up in the morning and no issues with feeling groggy.

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