Day 3: the weather and other random thoughts

One new thing for us is that we cannot “read” the weather. We don’t know where rain comes from or wind. We don’t have any sense of what the weather will bring. It turns out that the forecasters don’t either (which makes it just like Seattle!). We have Weather Underground predicting partly cloudy. Then we have WeatherZurich predicting a few degrees colder and snow mixed with rain. And we have the BBC predicting “sunny intervals” a phrase I have never seen before having lived in the Puget Sound region most of my life.So which is correct? Who knows, it will take a while to figure this out and also to just look out the window and get a sense.Today is our first weekday in Zürich. It’s definitely noisier in the morning which is kind of a relief. Susan went out for a brief run, I am heading out next. Then we will get ready and walk to the kids’ school and perhaps I will head into the office for a time. Goals for today seem pretty simple:

  1. Start apartment hunting
  2. Get a SIM card and calling plan so Susan has a cell phone
  3. Find the post office and get that working
  4. Buy another electric adapter so we can plug in more than one thing at a time.

We’ll see how all this goes. Tomorrow the apartment hunting really cranks up and I will definitely go to the office.Update: we went down to Sihlcity, the big shopping mall here. K needs a new coat. L could use a new sweater. After that I went to work. Wow, it’s like a startup! I worked for a few hours this afternoon and it was fun albeit a little tiring since it’s been so long:-)I walked to the apartment from the office. It took about thirty minutes although it could have been a lot less had I not got lost for a short time. Nice to know I can always walk in less time than many people I know commute via car in Seattle. Next time for my big adventure I will figure out a way to shorten the commute via the tram. And sooner or later I will get a bike and tackle the commute that way.