Day 1 in Zurich

Gruetzi! Okay, that’s it for Swiss German today. Today we got out and about. We walked down to the lake on a cold but sunny day. We wandered through a swap-meet and then wandered up Bahnhofstrasse which is the main shopping street here. We met my colleagues and their families for lunch and then got lost on the way homeWe have Internet now, sort of. We were told we had wireless but neither Liam nor I could figure it out. Bear with me, there is a story here. A few weeks ago we pushed Liam not to take his old laptop with him. He agreed to just use my Vista machine or Susan’s Mac. Well… at the last minute he got really upset and wanted to take my old tablet so he could have XP and Linux on a machine. He was pretty adamant and in all the stress the kids have been under with the move we said okay. But it was close. Only Bill lending me a slightly larger pack in the last hour allowed us to handle this. So… the note in the apartment says “wireless only works with XP, not Mac or Vista”. Score one for Liam. And then… we cannot get the wireless working. Me or Liam. We both had noticed a USB adapter left in the apartment but didn’t think much of it. But Liam today noticed it says “air” on it. So he plugged it in and lo and behold it’s actually a USB wireless adapter that only has drivers for XP. So score 2 for Liam! Final story… we have Internet access now. But no camera or microphone to Skype. We’ll work in tackling Internet for Susan’s Mac next.

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