I hate usernames!!!

I am trying to log into my frequent flyer account with SAS. I cannot recall what my username is. I use two for the most part; usually one or the other will work. But sometimes they are already taken or for some inane, pathetically stupid reason the site requires numbers, characters, etc. in the username. Freaks.So… I cannot recall my username. Password will also be iffy, but hey, I can always click the “forgot password” button and get the password. But no. SAS in their wisdom requires your username, first name, last name, and birth date to get your password. And there is no link to recover the username.So… I need to call customer service. I know, how about I just take my business elsewhere? Or try this… what about using my email address as my username? Several other sites do this and it (gasp) seems to work just fine. For the most part we all pretty much stick to a single personal email address. Oh sure, I need @gmail.com and @hotmail.com and @yahoo.com for all of this stuff which bugs me (kudos by the way to MSN for letting me do @bricin.net for Passport, minor demerit for crippling many of the most useful features when running like this). But most sites that aren’t trying to rule the world let me use @bricin.net and just move on. disclosure: I worked on technology related to Passport at one point. I’m no expert here and I know this is a tricky situation and yes I know Open ID is out there and accepted by at least 2 web sites but c’mon, this shouldn’t be this difficult and I am not even asking for a universal ID, just universally allowing me to use something that I have a prayer of remembering to log in and give people money.Sept 28: hoist on my own petard. Both wordpress and my custom bricin.net stuff uses usernames. Argh. So I am rewriting the code for my custom site but it will take a while.