Two days ago I accepted a job with Microsoft’s Zurich Development Center. Wow. I’ve lived in Washington for the past 20 years plus extra on-again/off-again time as a kid. Susan has lived in the Northwest her entire life. And now we’re packing up the kids and moving across the planet for a few years. What an adventure!I intend to post as I can about this experience. Before I accepted the job offer we spent a ton of time reading books and surfing the Internet for information. There is a ton of information out there but I couldn’t find any one source with a narrative of moving precisely like this. Sure, there were tons of examples that were very similar but nothing quite the same. So here goes…What we’re doing now: we are getting the house ready to rent, closing down services like the telephone, gym membership, etc. We are getting the truck ready to sell (I hate selling vehicles). We are starting to pack up the things we care about to store them at my mom’s house. Our plan is to take only the most critically important things with us. For us this means skis, bikes, outdoor gear, clothing, one laptop, iPods, a few books for the kids, and not much else. We figure we can buy anything we need there and frankly most of our stuff here isn’t so nifty that we cannot live without it.

One thought on “Zurich-bound

  1. Congratulations!Take advantage of your time over there to see the sites in the various countries, and explore the European history!

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