The hot water dispenser in our house stopped working. Like most things we’ve let it sit for a few weeks but with all the Zürich ramping up we’re doing I thought I’d take a look. First I verified power to the device, then I hit the reset button. No luck. Since I hate telephones I decided not to call the service line. But kudos to In-Sink-Erator, they have 3 stickers on the dispenser with the phone number so no hunting around. It’s almost as if… gasp… they want someone with a problem to call them. Weird.But I found an online chat with them. The transcript is below the fold. But the key points:

  • I have an old model with a 1 year warranty
  • My dispenser is at least a year old, maybe two. I don’t keep records or receipts so who knows
  • They stand behind their products, apologized, and offered to send me a replacement (which is a slight upgrade over what we have now) for free.
  • It took 5 minutes total.

All said, what a pleasant experience. And when, inevitably the new unit dies or our garbage disposal goes, these guys are top of the list for a return customer.Chat InformationThank you for contacting InSinkErator. Please wait for a site operator to respond. Your opinion is very important to us. Please take a moment to complete the exit survey at the end of the chat.Chat InformationWelcome to InSinkErator, my name is Claire. How may I help you?you: We have a hot water dispenser that has stopped working. I checked power and that is one and Not working in this case means the water remains cold.Claire: Sorry for the inconvenience.Claire: Do you have the model and serial number of the unit?you: model H770-22you: SN 05118744419Claire: Thanks. I understand you already checked and made sure that the outlet is working, correct?you: correctClaire: Have you tried resetting the unit?you: I believe so. I pushed on the plastic labeled Reset but didn’t hear any noise (clicking or anything)Claire: You should be able to hear a clicking noise but we do have customers who also do not hear it click. How long has it been since you tried it?you: 20 minutesClaire: Water is not even warm?you: not warmClaire: I see. It’s possible that there’s something wrong with the unit internally. Just one last question before we proceed, have you tried plugging another appliance to the same wall outlet?you: yes, just reconfirmed that another appliance works correctly with that outletClaire: Thanks. May I have your zip code please?you: 00000Claire: Your H-770 has a 1-year warranty. Warranty is based on receipt of purchase, installation, or, in the case of new construction, by the occupancy date with proper documentation. If no documents are available, the warranty reverts back to the manufacturing date. This is obtained from the serial number itself.Claire: Solely based on the serial number, your warranty is expired. Unit was made in November 2005. How long have you had the unit?you: I thought the warranty was 3 years?you: We have had the unit somewhere between 1 and 2 yearsClaire: The 3-year warranty is for units made beginning 2006. Let me see if there’s anything further I can do to assist you.Claire: Do you still have your purchase or installation receipt?you: Noyou: Like most we tend not to keep receipts that longClaire: Okay. The new SST-FLTR (stainless steel tank with filter device) is compatible with your H-770 faucet assembly. This unit has a 2/3 gallon capacity as opposed to your 1/2 gallon unit. It is also slightly larger, about 3/4″ deeper from the back wall coming forward. For a drawing and full dimensions of the stainless steel tank, please click on the following link:Claire: SST-FLTR Spec SheetClaire: Please let me know if you have enough room for the new Yes, that would fit (I am looking at 11×6.125×6.75 for dimensions)Claire: Thank you.Claire: We are sorry that you have had this experience with your instant hot water dispenser. Although your 1-year warranty has expired, InSinkErator is proud of its quality products and customer service and we would like to offer you two options:Claire: 1. We can send you a free stainless steel service tank with a 90-day warranty for your replacement, orClaire: 2. We can offer you a new stainless steel tank and filtration system that has an original 3-year in-home warranty for $87.50.Claire: Which option would work best for you?you: I am not clear on What Option 1 Does this mean opening the hardware and replacing parts or replacing the unit?Claire: You will be receiving the same type of tank under both options. The only difference would be the warranty and inclusion of the filtration system.Claire: You will be replacing the whole unit that’s installed under your Ah, then we would prefer option 1. We have another filter system in place already.Claire: The stainless steel tank has “slots” on the back, just like the current tank and it will hang in the same if you mount it using those (and thank you for this help especially out of warranty)Claire: You’re welcome, Paul. May I have your shipping address and phone number?Claire: The unit will be shipped via FedEx or UPS and you should be able to receive it in 7 to 10 business Wow….Claire: If you need to contact us again please refer to case number Thank you again. This was a completely pleasant customer service experience and I intend to let others know.Claire: You’re welcome.Claire: Is there anything else I can help you with?you: Not at all, enjoy your day