Cinghiale Cycling Tours

Cinghiale Cycling ToursLindsey sent me a link to this very cool cycling tour site. I have never toured with them personally but I have spent a few days riding in Tuscany. Riding with a guide would be cool, riding with Andy Hampsten would be very cool (although of course you’d need to accept that you would get your butt kicked daily).I also love that they used “cinghiale” for their mascot. One of the best meals I have ever had was in a Tuscan hill town (Pienza?) after a long bike ride. Ian and I rode up the cobbles of the old town and stopped with Bill at an old restaurant. Their special for the day was cinghiale (wild boar) with tomato sauce of pici pasta. You can’t buy pici anywhere as far as I can tell but it’s clearly, absolutely the best pasta on the planet. It just sucks up sauce. And oh my was this sauce good. A few months ago Colleen’s husband Tom brought back some pici and I tried to recreate the sauce using pork shoulder. It was good, maybe great. But it wasn’t cinghiale.Update: turns out you can buy pici in the US now.

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