Slow Leadership: How to find and recognize a civilized job

Slow Leadership: How to find and recognize a civilized jobA little fluffy at times. For example “Clear evidence that others will value and respect what you do”. What does that mean specifically? Or maybe the better question is what is the clear evidence? On the fringes this is easy, but I have yet to meet either Gandhi or Hitler in my place of business.But there is some meat here. Read it and see what you think. The tag-line is:

look around carefully and sniff out the ratio of assholes to others. The more assholes, the less you should even consider working there.

There are two key assumptions here:

  1. You can detect assholes. In my experience this is probably the trickiest piece. People who are really, really good at being jerks are also frequently the people who are most able to hide the fact. It often takes years to know the difference and by then, well, it’s way too late. The other problem of course is that looking for a job is like dating; in the early stages everyone looks and acts their best.
  2. It might be you. Ouch. Here is the thing… in my first incarnation as a manager many years ago I thought I was great. We hit our goals, I thought I was valuing people, I listened, etc. But the feedback was exactly the opposite. I was domineering, angry, pushing, and intolerant. Whoa. So who was right? On balance we (my team and I) both were to some extent although I think my team won the decision. Hopefully I have learned from that (any current or former employees are welcome to post anonymously, really, I won’t check:-)

Nonetheless I am reading the Slow Leadership site both for my own career path managing, teaching, and mentoring people and also for an eye towards the future. My style is not “slow” as a manager or leader (this post will tell you why that is bad); learning is always welcome.