Savoring “the last book”

No warnings here, I will not spoil the final Harry Potter book for anyone else.But boy oh boy am I enjoying this, the final book in the series. Unlike other series I have read in which I simply slogged dutifully through them all (hello Robert Jordan?) this series has simply gotten better and better with each book. I remember reading the first three Potter books when we got a box-set for L. No big deal. Sure, it was cute. But not great. But then Book 4 came out and I was hooked. What is so enjoyable about J.K. Rowling is she has clearly worked to improve her craft over the years.Unlike books 5 & 6 I am not devouring this one. I am savoring it. I am trying to limit myself to one or two chapters each day. I know there are no more coming. Sure, I am drawn to pull an all-nighter and plow through but no, resist! it will be okay and I can just let this one run on and on.And speaking of spoilers… I am so grateful that no one has spilled the beans yet as to the ending in the mainstream media. I would love to ascribe this to good sense but I suspect it derives more truthfully from not wanting to cause a riot. My wife went to the local bookstore, a modest place, on the night the book went on sale and there were easily 300 people there she said. If that was repeated across the country (the world?) this is a series phenomena and a shared meme that won’t come too many times in my lifetime.

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