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I added a new item to my list today, a movie creation tool. My son likes to grab photos, videos from our camera, and various sound files and compile them into his own home movies. He enjoyed using Windows Movie Maker for this. A cursory search in the Linux universe didn’t turn up anything. I fully assume this is out there, I just need to spend a little more time on it.To be fair to Linux… Vista comes with Movie Maker. But I cannot run it on my laptop because the video card is too old. Now how about that! No backwards compat mode, no mode to say “we will turn off the advanced features”. Just a simple no, you upgraded to Vista and now you lose a feature you had in XP. I’m sure if I asked there would be all sorts of reasons for this decision and reasonable people would agree with any of those reasons. But at the end of the day (i.e shipping the product) the fact remains that people lose a feature they not only paid for but paid for twice!

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  1. In the past, I have just done a plain grab (well, transfer via firewire, technically, since no video images were processed) using the commandline [b]dvgrab[/b]. Not fancy, but does a great job of copying the raw data out.I don’t do a lot of video work (meaning: none), but I have installed a program called "cinelerra", that seems to be pretty well-featured for a free app. Too bad Apple’s Shake has a Linux version that is ‘render farm only’, so you don’t get the front-end for that.Do you still need help with some of the other items, like writing a simple script? Have you gotten a simple bash script to run manually, and just need to set it to run when you boot or log in?

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