All quiet on the Linux front

I am slowly rebuilding my music collection with Amarok. Nice player, I love the artist info it shows from Wikipedia. At first I was confused that clicking on a song or playlist would queue the music as opposed to playing the music. Then I found right click + load and understood. Most players, okay Windows Media and iTunes, default to play with queue being the option. Not sure which I like better yet.I am installing Vista in a VMWare virtual machine now. Adding to my list today at #6 is Visual Studio. I’m not ready to re-write my web site yet, so VS with the ability to work against ASP.NET is important. Hence the Vista virtual machine. I’d use XP since it is lighter but I happened to have a Vista disk around. I had some funny moments with VMWare in which my mouse and keyboard were “trapped” in the VM. I couldn’t find the key combination to escape that. Turns out it’s ctrl+alt+shift+esc. Much nicer than forced reboot.

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