The things I am missing, redux

Recently I posted about some things I am still missing in my switch to Linux. I have received some tips via email and some comments along the way. I will start numbering these issues (issue tracking if you will) so we can keep track of them.0. iTunes1. “./” — Anand in a comment pointed out that you can fix this. Fair enough. But I was still left wondering <u>why</u>? My brother suggested that different shells, e.g. bourne might handle this differently. I haven’t tried any of these yet and am relying on the default Ubuntu shell.2. Thumbnails — my friend Tom pointed out that you can change between View as List and View as Icon. This is in the menu and on the upper right corner. Problem: it won’t work against an SMB drive (I appear to consistently hit SMB issues, it’s my recurring pain-point). XP tackled this by putting a thumbs.db file on the remote location which is nice if you have read/write access. Not quite sure how it handled a read-only location. This leaves me still looking for a UI which supports thumbnails natively, especially across remote volumes. I use SMB a lot as noted and also FTP sites.3. Shortcut keys — Mark commented that fluxbox allows for shortcut keys that he has configured to mimic Windows. Nice tip. At some point I will take the road less traveled and try a new UI for Linux. Not yet though. Right now I want to catalog all the stuff that is going to trip up an XP user (yes, I am very aware Vista shipped, but for now I will concentrate on XP). If you want to make the transition easier (I doubt Dell is listening here, but just in case) why not pre-set the shortcut keys to mimic Windows?Two comments to the original post so far which is more than anything ever on my site (other than spam of course). Keep it coming. So far I have received nothing but encouragement in this effort. You can read that one of two ways:

  1. In the old days if a Microsoftie said anything about Linux there would be a backlash. I’m getting nothing but encouragement so that could indicate a maturation in the Linux community.
  2. Linux is fearing Windows less and less so the Linux community is treating me as the slightly dim long-lost brother who has finally called and is stopping by for dinner.

Hm… maybe this one isn’t an OR.