All Ubuntu, all the time

I have converted two laptops over to Ubuntu. The first is the one the kids use. It was trivial to get this working; popped in the CD and it installed without issue. I wound up blowing the initial install away while trying to re-partition the drive. Otherwise things were fine, I got Edgy Eft installed. When Feisty Fawn came out the machine offered to upgrade and it was painless.My second laptop was much more difficult. First of all I want this to be a dual boot machine, XP and Ubuntu. I installed XP on a 20GB partition and then tried to figure out how to install Ubuntu. This machine has no CD drive. A colleague pointed me to instlux. The problems:1. The CD version doesn’t load USB drivers so you cannot use a USB CD2. The network version failed several times. This seems to have happened because I was hitting the mirror sites the day Feisty Fawn came out. Oops.Eventually the network version worked. So I am now almost completely running my personal life on Linux. Why the almost? I have not found a replacement for iTunes yet. I know there are some Linux-based media players out there but so far the few I have tried won’t synch to my iPod Nano. Until I can reliably get that working I will boot into XP, synch the iPod, and then go back to Linux.Do I miss anything else? So far the only thing I miss is Windows’ ability to handle photos in the shell. How ironic. I can’t seem to get thumbnails showing in the shell on Ubuntu; I suspect there is something that will do this but I haven’t found the magic yet.One last item: the naming of the versions. They went from Dapper Drake to Edgy Eft to Feisty Fawn. It’s really hard to sound serious when you tell someone you upgraded to Feisty Fawn. I think they need a corporate branding name in addition to the friendlier name. Ah wait… having seen Windows Ultimate for Professionals Limited Signed Edition maybe Feisty Fawn isn’t so bad.