Non si preoccupi, io sar?? bene

Don’t worry, I’ll be fineWell that phrase sure fits today! My love/hate relationship continues today. I was fairly sure what I received yesterday was a rejection letter. I told my brother about it* and we commiserated for a while. Then I sent him the actual text of the email and he pointed out there was ambiguity there. Maybe it wasn’t a rejection letter, maybe it was just a bargaining chip, a way of opening the bidding so to speak? I don’t think so and have really accepted that this phase is over. I had some moments of sadness especially given the amount of work I had put in. But at the moment I am looking to the future and figuring out what next.* I didn’t really tell him. Many of our conversations are now via instant messenger or via email. I intensely dislike speaking on the phone so IM is very handy.