Site Updated

Small update today to fix up the permalinks. Mike was chiding me about the ugly /?p=123 style links. Here is the challenge though — apparently you need to run with an .htaccess file. But this only works on Apache and not with Windows IIS. I don’t have a solution to make the URL completely pretty yet but at least /index.php/name-of-post is prettier than it was.This type of glitch is precisely the sort of thing that leads me closer to converting my home server to Linux. We installed Ubuntu on an old laptop and it just works very well. There is a ton of great software out there. If I could get iTunes running on Linux I would convert more of the family. I need to get around to writing a post about moving from nothing but Windows for the last 10 years to trying out Ubuntu. Summary = it’s really a solid OS.I also updated my ping system. Mike’s new blog is getting hits already. Of course it would be nice if I started getting relevant ads from my service:-)

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