Ballano bene insieme

They dance well togetherApparently not. Maybe it’s opposite day. The odyssey is over or at least this particular odyssey is. This started in November. It has moved forward in fits and starts. The toughest part of course was taking the time to go to Zurich;excitement was high, I thought I had a 90% chance since the time went so well.Then of course the delays started. If it was going well, shouldn’t all parties want to tango? With every passing day I mentally dropped the odds until recently I was more-or-less resigned. But the final word was still like checking your lottery ticket; you know you aren’t going to win but there is disappointment anyway as you now need to return to your regular life. I learned this morning that the dance card was filled. I don’t know any details as yet, I suspect it was a borderline case and that old college career wound up hurting me. Can you believe it? All those years they said it would go on your permanent record and lo and behold it did!So now I am back to taking stock. What next? One thing that became clear throughout the dance was that I was thinking again for the first time in a long time. I was thinking about how to make things better, how to solve problems. I like that.—7:20 update: how ironic is this headline in the Seattle Times this morning

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