Gli acquazzoni di aprile portano i fiori di maggio

April showers bring May flowersI’ve never thought too much about this phrase but it is interesting and a nice platitude that the pain and suffering now can bring good results later. The converse must also be true: the cycling I am not doing now will bring about no flowering of ability in May.It’s also interesting to note which words are capitalized in languages and which are not. As a native English-speaker I think of the rules as fairly straightforward, e.g. names. I vaguely recall from German 101 that many (all?) nouns are capitalized. And in Italian we have lower-case months of the year. Honestly I like this e.e. cummings approach to capitalization. I don’t know what extra information capitalizing April or May brings. Sunday today so I am following the Swiss custom of not doing any work. I got up, cooked up some bacon, and then fried a lovely pot roast in the bacon drippings in preparation for a new beef bourgignon. Like everything done in a slow cooker it doesn’t look very good right now. This is also a new recipe I am experimenting with. I like my old recipe a lot, it tastes great, but it does require more-or-less constant tending which is problematic. The old recipe calls for two bottles of Burgundy or something hearty like that. It always seems fair that you taste the wine before putting it in the soup. Usually this is no problem but in a recipe that takes 5 hours the cook often winds up ready for bed before the dinner is done. So I am trying a new slow-cooker recipe but I am skeptical. I suspect at the end I will have very tender beef with a slight reduction in wine sauce but it won’t have the right pop.I also plan on trying out a tofu bourgignon (the sound you just heard was the entire nation of France gasping) since we have a vegetarian with us for dinner tonight.

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