Piace il mio figlio giocare il calcio

My son loves to play soccerMy kids do enjoy kicking the ball around but as yet they don’t play soccer as such. We missed the deadline to get K into a league. My kids do enjoy wearing their soccer jerseys though. They are almost out of their Fiorentina jerseys but the Barcelona jerseys we picked up last autumn are still very sharp.One interesting thing about Italian is the word ‘calcio’. I was under the impression that most languages outside of American English used the term ‘football’ or some very similar word. I like calcio though, it rolls off the tongue and suits the phrase ‘giocare il calcio’ much better than ‘giocare il football’.Today I will put the meter at 35%. That’s 10% drop for two days + the fact that any phrase of the day mentioning Europe must indicate a 5% upward swing. What I should have done was do one of those Iowa caucus markets. Then family and friends could get a day-to-day real-time update and maybe make a few dollars along the way. More fun for everyone.