Che ?? il Suo segno di zodiaco

What’s your sign?When L did his school project he built a wiki for it. As the finale to the presentation he put up a wiki page for each kid in the class. Now the kids are actually starting to edit the pages, very cool. Except… one of the kids has been posting about the hot new couple A & L. Apparently that is clear enough for the kids in the class to know who L is. And L is not happy about it. But he has been asked by his teacher not to edit the content on other’s pages.So I did. I don’t think that it’s okay to tease kids using the web. Furthermore it’s not okay to tease my kid on a web site that I own.So tying this all back to the phrase of the day: isn’t “what’s your sign” the cheesiest pickup line of all time? I sure hope L hasn’t used something as lame as that.