?? c’in qualche luogo io pu?? mettere il mio cappotto?

Is there somewhere I can put my coat?Sure, how about the closet? An odd thing about Italian is that “il mio”, sort of “the my”. I understand this is used most of the time but there are some exceptions such as “mio figlio Kellen” although I think it’s “il mio figlio” since I am not referring to a specific son in the latter but am in former. Just an oddity and something I don’t recall occurring in French or Spanish.Also interesting to note “io può”, shouldn’t può be sufficient? Or are they using io for emphasis?How this relates to me: well I did a get a new fleece jacket yesterday. It was a gift from Microsoft for having worked on Vista. I have a few jackets from shipping (and some not shipped products); this is somewhere in the middle in terms of quality and use. If that isn’t the perfect metaphor for Vista then I don’t know what is.

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