Piace il mio figlio giocare il calcio

My son loves to play soccerMy kids do enjoy kicking the ball around but as yet they don’t play soccer as such. We missed the deadline to get K into a league. My kids do enjoy wearing their soccer jerseys though. They are almost out of their Fiorentina jerseys but the Barcelona jerseys we picked up last autumn are still very sharp.One interesting thing about Italian is the word ‘calcio’. I was under the impression that most languages outside of American English used the term ‘football’ or some very similar word. I like calcio though, it rolls off the tongue and suits the phrase ‘giocare il calcio’ much better than ‘giocare il football’.Today I will put the meter at 35%. That’s 10% drop for two days + the fact that any phrase of the day mentioning Europe must indicate a 5% upward swing. What I should have done was do one of those Iowa caucus markets. Then family and friends could get a day-to-day real-time update and maybe make a few dollars along the way. More fun for everyone.

Ha un iPod?

Do you have an iPod?Why yes I do. Four of them in fact. One, a first generation Nano, is dead. I need to send that in to a non-Apple shop for repair. We have two second generation Nanos. We also have an ancient, by today’s standards, 40GB iPod.Wonder what the plural of iPod is in Italian? iPodi?

Prender?? il cane per una camminata

I’m taking the dog for a walkIn this case the dog is me I guess. I am eating breakfast and getting set for a long run this morning. I have never run the entire way around Lake Sammamish and today might be no different. Seriously, I am shooting to run around the lake and then up to work. Should be about 24 miles. If I can do this, no worries for the upcoming marathon. If I cannot then I will need to think about not doing the marathon in two weeks.One week since my last call. No news. They said 1 1/2-2 weeks so this isn’t surprising. My gut-feel meter is 40% today after peaking at 90% some time last week.

Che ?? il Suo segno di zodiaco

What’s your sign?When L did his school project he built a wiki for it. As the finale to the presentation he put up a wiki page for each kid in the class. Now the kids are actually starting to edit the pages, very cool. Except… one of the kids has been posting about the hot new couple A & L. Apparently that is clear enough for the kids in the class to know who L is. And L is not happy about it. But he has been asked by his teacher not to edit the content on other’s pages.So I did. I don’t think that it’s okay to tease kids using the web. Furthermore it’s not okay to tease my kid on a web site that I own.So tying this all back to the phrase of the day: isn’t “what’s your sign” the cheesiest pickup line of all time? I sure hope L hasn’t used something as lame as that.

C’?? nessuno qui che ha quel nome

There’s no one here by that nameWhat a very odd week. Work was what it always is. But somehow I managed to get stressed out anyway. I certainly didn’t take care of myself very well, gaining a nice three pounds. Sheesh.I did manage a decent long run on Saturday although I cut it short due to the deluge of rain and some nasty wind. I had trouble staying warm and motivated. One of the recurring daydreams I have when I am running is our family moving to a small ski village somewhere. It’s not a real place because it is very small but also incredibly upscale. Maybe it’s Aspen 50 years ago or Courmayeur without the freeway running through it. Anyway the daydream is this wonderful life where we send the kids off to school. I head to work, a blessedly short commute which I can run about an hour or cycle three hours the long way. Most days after work I come home, we play with the kids, then quietly read and go to bed. Other days Susan and the kids come near my work and meet me for dinner at a little restaurant where the staff knows us all and we just have a nice night out.No cars at all, no driving. There is a train down to the ocean we use on the weekends. It’s just snug and nice. This doesn’t seem like a huge daydream like my lottery one or the “you inherited a mega corporation” or the “for some strange reason you’re a sports star” one. But it makes me feel content.At some point on the run I had this moment where I popped back into reality and thought “hey, I don’t need to live in a perfect ski town somewhere in the Italian Alps, I could actually live part of that now”. Mostly it’s an attitude adjustment. My work is not so difficult at least right now that I cannot work humane hours. I don’t need to check email all the time. I can be home in time to cook dinner and just hang out and read with the family. So that is my goal this week: simple living. And we’ll see ifa) I get boredb) Real-world America intervenes with all the temptations of computers, TV, and bars

Vive can i Sui genitori?

Do you live with your parents?This is one of those vaguely shady phrases guidebooks provide. Do you want to have a drink with me? With my friends? How late are you staying? Do you know where the disco is? How long will your husband be gone? Okay, I have never seen that last one but I’m sure it’s out there.If I tried to spin this one into my life:1. No, I don’t and haven’t since I was 182. Uh oh, is this a warning that if I make a change I might wind up living with my parents?

?? c’in qualche luogo io pu?? mettere il mio cappotto?

Is there somewhere I can put my coat?Sure, how about the closet? An odd thing about Italian is that “il mio”, sort of “the my”. I understand this is used most of the time but there are some exceptions such as “mio figlio Kellen” although I think it’s “il mio figlio” since I am not referring to a specific son in the latter but am in former. Just an oddity and something I don’t recall occurring in French or Spanish.Also interesting to note “io può”, shouldn’t può be sufficient? Or are they using io for emphasis?How this relates to me: well I did a get a new fleece jacket yesterday. It was a gift from Microsoft for having worked on Vista. I have a few jackets from shipping (and some not shipped products); this is somewhere in the middle in terms of quality and use. If that isn’t the perfect metaphor for Vista then I don’t know what is.

Far?? una prenotazione

I’ll make a reservationAhem… I am enjoying this calendar = fortune cookie stuff. What could this one mean? Well:

  • It means soon I will need to make a reservation…
  • It means we shouldn’t do the pork butt slow cooker tonight and go out to eat again. Since we had pizza two nights in a row and ate at Coho Cafe last night we should just go for broke and keep eating out.

I will say the sushi reference yesterday hasn’t worked out although I did think about eating sushi for lunch. But I didn’t, I ate a crappy hamburger instead. Worse I am reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma so I have a good idea about the quality of food Eurest, provisioner of food to the Microsoft cafeterias, is serving me.

Forse sushi

Well that isn’t very useful. I also think it translates as “maybe sushi”, not “how about sushi” as the calendar says. Of course if you walked up to a friend and said forse sushi maybe the connotation means that.My life… I cannot for the life of me to figure out a way to make this phrase a “fortune cookie”. Unless of course it’s the all-powerful-calendar’s attempt to tell me to eat more fish. Ah ha! That must be it, I need more fish in my diet. Wonder if there is sushi in Zurich? (the answer is yes)