Back to the weight-related posting. Today was a pleasant surprise. I have worked out quite a bit lately but my diet has not been particularly good. Nevertheless this is the lowest weight I have seen in well over a year. I will check back through the training logs but I won’t be surprised if this is the lowest since we did the charity ride two years ago.Of course tomorrow I will wake up and find my weight is 212 or something.Update The last time I was this light was August 8th 2005, so for over a year-and-a-half I have really been about this heavy. I recall slipping down to 203 at the charity ride in March, then gradually adding pounds and sticking around 208 for a while. Then by November 2005 I was 211 and essentially have fluctuated in that ballpark for a year+ now. We’ll see if I can stick this 207.5 for a few days before popping the champagne, but I like the overall trend this year.

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