I’ve been eating a lot of yogurt lately. Somewhere along the line I read something about it being a good source of protein. Frankly I find it very tasty and usually filling. At the very least I figured it must be better than a donut or a bag of chips. Then reading another article this morning got me thinking… what was in the yogurt really? I eat organic nonfat stuff so the chemical content is relatively low and the fat is zero. So what else is in there?I am eating Trader Joe’s Strawberry nonfat yogurt (fruit on the bottom). Total carb = 26g, 24 of which are sugar! Wow, no wonder the stuff tastes good. But I wasn’t trying to eat sugar. Oops. I also wonder what those extra 2 grams of carbohydrates are, the label doesn’t say.6 grams of protein, that’s good right? Well… it has four times the sugar as protein so already I am suspicious. I pulled out a nonfat vanilla yogurt and found similar sugary numbers. How about an egg for comparison? 6g protein, 1g carb so it seems like a clear winner, but uh oh it has 1.5g of saturated fat. I think that is from the yolk so egg whites are okay but no, they have no flavor so what’s the point of that.Next up will be an investigation of butter. I like butter. I don’t butter my bread but I do enjoy a smear of butter on my toast in the morning. I tend not to cook with butter much but from time to time sauteeing onions in butter is a good recipe starter. I need to look into something else to smear on toast. Peanut butter?I should note that the yogurt in question has 130 calories per serving. The egg has 70 so to be fair I could eat two of the eggs for double the protein of the yogurt. I just checked on peanut butter and for 140 calories of that I can get 15g of protein, very few carbs, but sadly 3g of saturated fat. Still better than the yogurt in that sense but I know from the past that skipping the yogurt for a light smear of peanut butter will do nothing to stave off hunger down the road.


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Back to the weight-related posting. Today was a pleasant surprise. I have worked out quite a bit lately but my diet has not been particularly good. Nevertheless this is the lowest weight I have seen in well over a year. I will check back through the training logs but I won’t be surprised if this is the lowest since we did the charity ride two years ago.Of course tomorrow I will wake up and find my weight is 212 or something.Update The last time I was this light was August 8th 2005, so for over a year-and-a-half I have really been about this heavy. I recall slipping down to 203 at the charity ride in March, then gradually adding pounds and sticking around 208 for a while. Then by November 2005 I was 211 and essentially have fluctuated in that ballpark for a year+ now. We’ll see if I can stick this 207.5 for a few days before popping the champagne, but I like the overall trend this year.

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Italian of the day: la amo

I love you. A nice sentiment practicing for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.


Coding Horror: Boyd’s Law of Iteration

Coding Horror: Boyd’s Law of IterationInteresting blog. A few things stood out:

  • The original article came from MSDN. I won’t talk too much about that but the irony is delicious to say the least.
  • Iteration is good. My own experience in the software industry corresponds to this as does the old saw about Microsoft getting it right by version 3.

On that second point it’s worth noting that iteration != shipping. Or rather it doesn’t necessarily mean shipping. We’ve done a great amount of iterating simply having ten people use our software. It won’t tell you everything of course but it’s certainly better than being in a vacuum. Doing a broader beta release is also good, but prone to mistakes. The biggest issues I see with beta releases are

  1. Beta users are fan-boys. Often the beta users aren’t the same people that you want to sell to later.
  2. We have run plenty of beta programs too late in the game to be meaningful. When you do this an honest person will call it a marketing beta.

Ha una matita che posso prendere in prestito?

Do you have a pencil I can borrow?I get “Ha una matita”. Even “che posso” I understand. Prendere is lurking at the back of my brain as something from Pimsleur but I thought the word meant “to take”, hm…Ah, there we go, prendere in prestito tanslates literally as “to take in loan”. Looking this up there really isn’t a single term that would encapsulate “borrow”.


WordPress 2.1 Ella

Development Blog › WordPress 2.1 EllaI did manage to do something while struggling to sleep… I upgraded to WordPress 2.1. They do such a nice job with blogging software. It would be nice if they’d add some wiki features so I didn’t need to run MediaWiki too. One single, easy upgrade and shared use of theming would be nice.One of the things on my To Do list is to learn PHP sooner or later so I can edit some of these pages better.