New Year’s Resolution Time

It’s almost that time of year. Since my birthday follows New Year’s Day I tend to make the start then. But I begin the work of thinking about goals on the first, tomorrow. What are the candidates this year:

  1. Losing weight, as always. This year I think the specific goal needs to be somewhere in the 15 pounds range. As part of this I need to set some calorie goals and eat more healthy food.
  2. Exercise: there will be a training program on the books. I don’t know for which event I will train, but it will be something. I drift without this.
  3. Ironically, less computer time, especially at home. When we lost power a few weeks back we couldn’t use the computers and it was interesting to see how little I had to do at home without the computer. I could spend that time reading, fixing the house, playing games with the kids, etc. Somehow having the computer that accessible is taking up all of my free time.
  4. Kick-start language lessons. I’m not sure if this will be Spanish or Italian, but I want to make a specific goal, e.g. 30 minutes per day and stick with it.

Anyway this is what I am starting on tomorrow. I need the event to train for; I cannot find anyone willing to be my partner for the trans-Canada mountain bike race so that is out.