install.exe/Prototype – Ubuntu Wiki

install.exe/Prototype – Ubuntu WikiThis looks cool, I need to get around to installing this.

Le Menu

Flickr: Search your photosThe boys put together a menu for my birthday, here are the photos I took of it. It was incredibly sweet.

Go Hawks – 2006 NFL Playoffs – Cowboys blown FG keeps Seahawks alive – Sunday January 7, 2007 3:18AMI’m as happy as anyone the Hawks beat Dallas last night. I was at the game and yelling as loudly as anyone. The last playoff game I attended was in 1984, that’s quite a dry spell. But look… Holmgren sucks.Yes, Hasselback had a bad game and yes the cornerbacks sell insurance full time for a living and yes something is wrong with the O-line. But c’mon, the Hawks had the ball first and goal on the one yard line. What do you do there? Well let’s see. How about a two tight end set with three guys in the back field and just push ahead for a yard, a touchdown, and make the Cowboys come and beat you. But no, Mr. Super Genius decides to run Alexander outside to the left which hasn’t worked all game. Bam, second and 8. They never get close. I thought the game would die right there, Cowboys do a clock-killing drive and it’s over. Of course they returned the favor, bungling a pass to Terry Glenn (arguably a decent call since Glenn had made some nice catches in the game). So what is lost in all of the hoopla of Romo muffing the snap is Holmgren’s play calling almost killing the Hawks, again. Really, what will it take before someone wakes the game up and informs him that no one thinks he’s Bill Walsh, he can just play smart football?Okay, enough grumping…. I had a ticket from a co-worker and I sat on the 49 yard line on the Seahawk side of the stadium and it was fun. Loads of fun.


New Year’s Eve Page 2 : Solving the playoff mysteryHm… this article got me thinking… what have I done for New Year’s Eve for the past 20 years or so? I can remember some but most are absolutely blank. Others I can recall but I struggle to put a year on them. Forthwith:

  • 2006: Ian & Aurora’s cabin. Great party, loads of champagne, outdoor fireplace, singing
  • 1999: we attended a party thrown by our friends the Schellings at the Washington Athletic Club. We shared a hotel room with Kim & Scott. We had fun but let’s face it, nothing could hold up to the turn of the millenium.
  • 1996: multiple parties but I recall being at Amy & Eric’s place in Ballard for midnight. Susan was pregnant with Liam. We both came down with a nasty flu and spent the next few days with raging fevers. I remember calling Julie the next morning (she was still living on Phinney Ridge) and begging her to bring soup, saltines, and orange juice. Since Susan was pregnant she couldn’t even take Tylenol.
  • 1989: Madrid. Ian and I were traveling around Europe at the time and wound up in Madrid. We spent the evening frolicking in the town square with everyone else. We drank champagne with strangers we couldn’t understand and at one point got involved in the largest chicken-fight (person sits on your shoulders and you bump into people) ever.

For a bunch of years I can recall some piece but assign no year:

  • Two years we have spent at Tim & Michelle’s house.
  • One year Ian had a party and we spent the night there with the kids. The night was odd in that I recall being very melancholy at some point and sat in a room with Liam and Kellen singing them to sleep. The other memorable part was when Susan and someone else (?) decided to get dancing going at the party. They put on a bunch of ABBA and people livened up; Ian was clearly out of sorts with having ABBA defile his sound system and quickly shut it down (all this is funny, not mean. must have been 3 am by the time this happened).
  • Long, long time ago now (1992?) we attended a formal party downtown. I quit my job at the bar in Sea Tac so I could attend this party. Wound up just okay, Guido and I ran out of cash for the cab on the way home so we wound up walking the final five miles in our tuxes.

And that’s about it. I’m sure with some digging I could figure out more. I’m sure I had a wonderful time most of these years.Updated: just remembered another one, 1989

Waterproof your Nike+iPod shoe mod

Podophile » Blog Archive » Waterproof your Nike+iPod shoe modi may wind up needing one of these before too long. My other option is to build one out of an old tube, duct tape, and a zip-tie which should also work.UpdateI am changing the title here since spammers are hitting this article. I am also removing the ability to comment.


Kokopelli Trail Info

Kokopelli Trail InfoOkay, maybe this is another good event to tackle this year.

#fitness, #weight

Winter Triathlon

Winter Triathlonthis might qualify for an event… march 4th is definitely within reach of me doing this one event. Might be a fun weekend getaway.

#fitness, #weight